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January 24 2018


Warning: If you turn off iCloud Photo Library in iOS, you may unintentionally delete optimized images

I would never claim iCloud Photo Library is easy to understand. Among the most-asked questions to Mac 911 are those relating to how the sync-and-central-storage system for images and video works.

Macworld reader Keiti seems to have run afoul of how iCloud Photo Library manages images and videos, and may have missed a prompt that explained what was about to happen.

Keiti writes:

My iCloud storage was full and I did not purchase any extra storage. In order not to get the notifications, I decided to turn off iCloud Photo Library. But after that, about 1,000 photos out of 2,000 photos just disappeared from my iPhone. Are they still somewhere hidden on my device or are they gone for good?

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5 ways HomePod will beat Amazon Echo and Google Home (and 5 ways it won't)

Apple's HomePod smart speaker is finally almost here. After a month-long delay that caused it to miss the all-important holiday-shopping season, Apple has announced that HomePod will begin shipping on February 9, more than eight months after we first got a glimpse of it at WWDC.

Apple is billing HomePod as an audio device (hence its home under the "Music" tab on Apple.com), but in the age of growing Amazon Echo and Google Home devices, it needs to be much more than a really good speaker to compete with its fellow AI-enabled competitors. Here's how the fight is shaping up:

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Pixelmator Pro 1.0 Whirlwind review: An affordable alternative for pro Photoshop users

Pixelmator is an impressive image editor. In my review of version 3.5, I wrote, “Pixelmator represents that percentage of Photoshop’s features most people actually use on a regular basis.”

But some developers just can’t leave well enough alone. That’s good news for photographers and designers looking for an inexpensive ($60) Photoshop alternative. Pixelmator Pro 1.0 Whirlwind (Mac App Store link) is an all new application designed with more demanding needs in mind. Although there’s plenty of feature overlap between it and Pixelmator, Pixelmator Pro is a fresh start.

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8bitdo SN30 Pro review: A Super Nintendo-inspired controller for the PC

8bitdo has another retro-inspired controller on their hands, and this is the best one yet.

Google Home Max review: This is the best-sounding smart speaker you can buy

But Sonos might have more to fear than Amazon (ditto for Apple).

January 23 2018


January 22 2018


Can I Access an Attachment On My iPhone Can Transfer To a Flash Drive?

Anyone has had success with some of these “dual tipped” flash drives I see sold online – USB on one end and Lightening on the other. Articles and testimonial mostly show people either (a) pulling photos off their phones to open up memory on their phone or (b) using the external drive to let you... Read more »

How Can I Clean My Mac? Are Mac Cleaners Safe To Use?

I need to clean my mac and I’ve heard that Macfly Pro and Onyx are good. What can you say about it? —– JasonSat

January 20 2018


How Do I Figure Out What App/process Is Causing My Mac To Go Slow?

I have an iMac purchased in 2012. MacOS HighSierra Version 10.13.2 It seems slower than it used to be. How do I figure out what app/process is causing my mac to go slow? Thank you. —– Barb

How Do I Edit Notifications In iPad Devices?

I have asked similar Notification questions to other online Support forums but have not received an answer, so I hope you can help. I have two iPads and recently used a restore from backup from iCloud, from my old iPad (IOS 9.3.5) to setup the new iPad (IOS 11.2.2). I receive notifications on each device... Read more »

January 19 2018


Can I Set a Text Auto Response for a Vacation?

I can do this for email, can this be done for texts? I.e.,”I’m out of range/on a tech break, I’ll respond on 12/25/18.” —– Genie Ohashi

How Do I Replace an App Icon?

I have coped an icon and have pasted it over the app icon in Get Info. The app I created with Automator. Instead of an icon I get the icon for a jpeg file —– John Kueck

January 18 2018


Relaunch the Finder From the Dock

If you ever need to restart the Finder, you don’t need to use Command+Option+Esc to force it to quit and relaunch. Instead, you can Control+Option click the Finder icon in the Dock and choose Relaunch.

January 17 2018


What Are iCloud Drive (Archive) Folders?

Gary, Happy New Year! In my HD > Users > Fernando Gonçalves folder I noticed two folders: • iCloud Drive (Archive) and • iCloud Drive (Archive) -1. Q.1: Any idea(s) on how could/did this happened? (I must have unknowingly Ok’d it!) Q.2: Can/Should I delete/trash one or both? —– Fernando Goncalves

January 16 2018


How to Refresh the Desktop in macOS 10.13.2?

Sometimes the images on my desktop do not display in total. For example, there are a number of PDF’s, at times they say simply PDF with the description underneath while other times the actual image of the PDF is displayed. Is there a way to refresh the look without rebooting? —– Dennis
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