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February 15 2017


Where Do I Find Clipboard?

I can’t find an icon for clipboard on my MacBook Air, OS X Yosemite. I do get messages ‘save to clipboard’ and I have selected this but have not been able to find clipboard to retrieve the information. It seems like it would be a useful thing to know. thanks —– Harriet Fromm

How To Transfer Multiple iCloud Pics To a PC?

How does one transfer MULTIPLE pics from iCloud to a PC? (Without having to do it one-by-one?) —– Barry MacDowell

How Do I Display the Actual Location Of Items Found Using Search Bookmarks?

I am using Safari Version 10.0.3 (11602. I can’t find a particular bookmark by going through all my bookmarks individually. When I use “Search Bookmarks” it displays the one I am looking for but I can’t figure out where it is in my Bookmarks sidebar. —– Lost1

Does the Internet Need the Clock Set Correctly?

I was wondering would you please tell me: it is a fact that if your computers clock is set on the wrong time and date, the computer will have trouble connecting to the internet? If it is a fact, would you please explain to me in a easy way that I can understand: why would... Read more »

Help With the iPad Pencil Please😊

I bought a new iPad several months ago and the salesman also sold me the pencil. From trying to get it to work I believe I don’t have the correct iPad. Mine is the smaller version. If it’s true that it doesn’t work with the smaller one, and he sold this $100. item to me,... Read more »

February 14 2017


February 13 2017


February 10 2017


February 09 2017


Command+Drag File Icons to Fit To Grid

When you drag file and folder icons on the Desktop, or in any Finder window where you are using icon view, they will snap to a grid if you have Snap To Grid turned on in View Options (Finder, View, Show View Options). But if you don’t use the grid normally, you can use it... Read more »

February 08 2017


February 07 2017


April 19 2016

WWDC 2016 – Apple provides tickets via Lottery System

February 23 2016

Tim Cook’s email to Apple employees about Apple and the FBI

February 08 2016

Who can get free exposure during the Super Bowl, Apple, that’s who

February 05 2016

iPhone 7: Concept, Reality or Dream

January 26 2016

Apple to release second Beta for iOS 9.3 to Developers

January 22 2016

Google Paid for Search: Pays Apple $1B to remain main iOS search engine

January 21 2016

Can Apple tackle the big boys of Network TV
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