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April 19 2016

WWDC 2016 – Apple provides tickets via Lottery System

February 23 2016

Tim Cook’s email to Apple employees about Apple and the FBI

February 08 2016

Who can get free exposure during the Super Bowl, Apple, that’s who

February 05 2016

iPhone 7: Concept, Reality or Dream

January 26 2016

Apple to release second Beta for iOS 9.3 to Developers

January 22 2016

Google Paid for Search: Pays Apple $1B to remain main iOS search engine

January 21 2016

Can Apple tackle the big boys of Network TV

July 10 2015


The Week in iOS Apps: The official Star Wars app finally arrives

The official Star Wars app finally arrives weekiniosapps copy 100525534 gallery 100578408 gallery copy 3

This week's roundup includes the new Star Wars app, as well as photo, travel, and game offerings. May the Force be with you!

Halo Channel halochannel

The free Halo Channel app for iOS immerses you ever more deeply in the game’s universe — yes, there are gaming strategies and tutorials, but also “compelling additions to the Halo fiction and exclusive behind the scenes documentaries” to that make it possible to do nothing but think about Halo when you’re not actually playing it.

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Hands-on with iOS 9's slick new multitasking features for iPad

Scientists have found that humans may not be as good at multitasking as we once thought, but that was all before Apple gave the iPad splitscreen capabilities in iOS 9.

The iOS 9 public beta introduced a handful of special multitasking features exclusively to the latest iPad models, and we didn’t even have to wait for the rumored iPad Pro. These capabilities include a Slide Over app sidebar, a side-by-side Split View, and Picture in Picture with videos floating on top of another app.

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Pages of questions and answers about Apple's word processor

If you’ve got a decently long history with the Mac, you’ll remember AppleWorks and ClarisWorks. When Microsoft Office was a high-priced suite, AppleWorks and ClarisWorks were inexpensive (and sometimes thrown in). Apple stopped selling the last version in 2007, but files linger. In this week’s column, Mac 911 helps a reader open ancient ’Works files. I also help with sorting, EPUB formatting, and a systemwide text replacement sync issue.

From A to Z

James Riley writes in with a question about Pages. He has a 47-page document that has columns for occupation, first name, and last name. He’d like to sort alphabetically by first name, and then print the document.

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Apple releases supplemental update to El Capitan public beta

Just about 24 hours after Apple released the El Capitan public beta, the company has released a supplemental update for the Mac operating system.

el cap update

According to Apple, the update fixes a problem that causes 32-bit applications to crash.

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Orient Kitchen iPhone iPad : Recettes de Cuisine Orientale et Méditerranéenne (gratuit)

<!-- google_ad_section_end --><!-- google_ad_section_start --><!-- google_ad_section_end -->Après avoir goûté aux joies de la cuisine naturelle et végétarienne avec Green Kitchen, je vous propose de vous évader pour aller

Le Plus Populaire Clavier Alternatif c’est Fleksy iPhone iPad (gratuit)

<!-- google_ad_section_end --><!-- google_ad_section_start --><!-- google_ad_section_end -->Fleksy, l’un des premiers, mais aussi le plus populaire des claviers alternatifs pour iPhone et autre iPad devient totalement gratuit ou presque

Unsplash Wallpaper Mac : Photos HD Libres de Droits en Fond d’Ecran (gratuit)

<!-- google_ad_section_end --><!-- google_ad_section_start --><!-- google_ad_section_end -->Proposé gratuitement par Unsplash, Unsplash Wallpaper est un logiciel pour Mac OSX qui va vous permettre de profiter de milliers de photographies

Palette, 1ere Platine de Mixage pour la Retouche Photo (video)

<!-- google_ad_section_end --><!-- google_ad_section_start --><!-- google_ad_section_end -->Voilà maintenant plus de 2 années qui sont passées pour Calvin et Ashish, les créateurs de ‘Palette‘, un projet Kickstarter financé avec

Microsoft Office 2016 Mac OSX enfin Disponible à la Vente (video)

<!-- google_ad_section_end --><!-- google_ad_section_start --><!-- google_ad_section_end -->Après quelques mois de bêta test, Microsoft rend enfin disponible la version finale de sa célèbre suite bureautique Office 2016 mais pas
NASA's Mars Trek is Google Earth for the red planet
NASA observatories back up New Horizons in observing Pluto
'Battletoads' is getting a Comic-Con exclusive vinyl soundtrack
'The Talos Principle: Road to Ghenna' promises more robots, philosophy
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