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June 15 2017

'Forza Motorsport 7' has more than just 4K to offer Xbox racers
Amazon’s Dash Wand lets you order groceries with your voice
A tiny sensor turns any stationary bike into a VR workout machine
CamSoda wants you to broadcast your life, sex optional
'Destiny 2' on PC is nothing like the first game

Retrieve Desktop Background Images

Ever want to use your Mac’s desktop background in a project? You don’t have to dig around in system files to find it. Just go to System Preferences, Desktop & Screen Saver, Desktop and you’ll see the drop zone at the top left with the current desktop background, AKA wallpaper. You can drag any image... Read more »
Twitter launches its biggest iOS redesign in years
Facebook rolls out GIF comments to everybody

How Do I View and Control Another Mac Via the Internet (not Local Network)?

A friend of mine often needs a little help with some tasks. Usually the 15 mile trip takes a lot longer than fixing a problem. A video or detailed instructions on how to set up both a host and client so that I can view and control a remote iMac via the internet would sure... Read more »
Sphero ditches the robots for a storytelling Spider-Man toy
Sky thinks you need to record six shows at once
Marimba-playing robot crafts its own tunes
The Morning After: Thursday, June 15th 2017
Researchers are using VR to make dentist visits less painful
Microsoft's Surface Laptop and Pro are now available worldwide

L’iPad Pro 2017 se Démonte mais ne se Remonte pas (images)

Vous avez aimé le démontage du nouvel iMac ou encore celui du MacBook ?! Alors vous allez adorer la mise en pièce

The post L’iPad Pro 2017 se Démonte mais ne se Remonte pas (images) appeared first on MaxiApple.com.


Money iPhone iPad : Gestion Financière Personnelle (gratuit)

Gérer vos finances et votre budget en toute simplicité, c’est ce que vous allez pouvoir faire avec Money qui est actuellement offert

The post Money iPhone iPad : Gestion Financière Personnelle (gratuit) appeared first on MaxiApple.com.


12 Polices de Caractères Calligraphiées Commerciales pour Mac (gratuit)

Après nous avoir offert sa série de polices de caractère manuscrites, Michel Bujardet nous propose ‘Calligraphic Fonts‘ sa nouvelle sélection plus artistique

The post 12 Polices de Caractères Calligraphiées Commerciales pour Mac (gratuit) appeared first on MaxiApple.com.


Planter votre Mac, PC et Ecran avec ce Faux Virus (gratuit)

Que ce soit pour faire une petite blague à votre entourage ou profiter d’une pause bien méritée, HappyHoursVirus sera toujours là pour

The post Planter votre Mac, PC et Ecran avec ce Faux Virus (gratuit) appeared first on MaxiApple.com.

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