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March 26 2017

NASA picks 10 smallsat missions to explore the Solar System
Lyft's round-up program donates part of your fare to charity
'StarCraft: Remastered' upgrades a real-time strategy classic
The best hair dryer
After Math: Money, monie, moné

How To Move Icons On the Bottom Of iTunes On iPad Pro?

When I open iTunes on my iPad Pro across the very bottom of the screen is ” Music Movies TVShows topCharts Genius Purshase ” On an iPhone you can touch “More” and then edit I what order you want these to be in. iTunes on iPad Pro displayes them all but I would like to... Read more »
DirecTV plans to air 25 MLB games in 4K
'Black box' technique may lead to more powerful AI
Germany wants to regulate a 24-hour livestream as a broadcaster
Nokia's new Android phones will make their way Stateside
China says Apple isn't cloning a local phone maker

March 25 2017

California's new car emission standards defy the White House
3D-printed cartilage cell implants thrive in baby mice
Uber pauses its self-driving efforts following Arizona crash
AMC's streaming service would still need a cable subscription
Recommended Reading: Radiohead's 'OK Computer' predicted the future
Toto hopes to woo Americans with high-tech toilet showroom
The Morning After: Weekend Edition

How Do I Forward a Phone Call To Voicemail When I Am Talking To Someone?

I have an iPhone 6S and often get phone calls when I do not have pen and paper to hand to take down addresses. It would be really useful if I could chat to someone and then forward them to my voicemail for them to leave their name and address. Is this possible? —– Brenda... Read more »

It’s all over: Talking big about Alexa

It is now time for another episode of Farewell To Competition, in which a product is imagined to have won a battle that will actually be ongoing for years to come.

Writing for The Motley Fool, Danny Vena says “Amazon Is About to End the Competition's Only Advantage Over Alexa.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Philip Speicher.)

E-commerce giant Amazon.com, Inc. has a hit on its hands with its artificial intelligence-based Alexa virtual assistant and the products powered by the digital darling.

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